TICA 2014-2015 

RW/SGC Calicoon Calina (Cali)

Photo by Helmi Flick

SE Region 10th Best AB Cat
SE Region 4th Best LH Cat
SE Region Best Maine Coon Cat

TICA 2014-2015  


International Winner
SGCA Calicoon Stormy Weather - AKA Potter


10th Best International Alter
4th Best International Maine Coon Alter
2nd Best SE Regional Alter
Best SE Regional LH Alter
Best SE Regional Maine Coon Alter

Brown Classic Tabby Neuter - Owned by Guy and Sherry Allis


TICA 2013-2014


 RW/SGC Sarajen Tequila Sunrise of Calicoon

TICA 2013-2014

14th Best Cat SE Region
9th Best LH Cat SE Region
2nd Best Maine Coon Cat SE Region
Best Red Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat

TICA 2012-2013

10th Best Kitten SE Region 
3rd Best Maine Coon Kitten SE Region 
Best Red Classic Tabby & White Maine Coon Cat
SE Region


RW/SGCA Tanstaafl Miss Toes

3rd Best Maine Coon Alter SE Region 

Grand Champion Calicoon Release the Kracken
(AKA Bear)
Owned by Leslie Chang

TICA 2011-2012

RW/QGC Nascat Casey of Calicoon
15th Best LH Cat SE Region TICA
2nd Best Maine Coon Cat SE Region TICA

DGCA Calicoon Red Rowdy Rawhide

Owned by Leslie Chang

TICA 2010-2011

RW/SGC Calicoon Cleo

13 Best LH Cat SE Region
3rd Best Maine Coon Cat SE Region
Best Brown Torbie Maine Coon Cat International in TICA

CFA 2010-2011

Grand Premier Calicoon Miller Lite 

Cream Silver Tabby Neuter 
Owned by Phyllis Kiefer

TICA 2010-2011
Miss I-40
Regional Winner 9th Best HHP Kitten

     Missy is now almost 4 years old.  She fits in well with the houseful of Maine Coons and has her place that she loves to sit and sleep.  Of course, eating with all the Maine Coons has not allowed her to keep her ‘girlish figure’ but she is happy and is a good bed cat.  Every time we pass mile marker #171 on I-40 near Dixon TN. where we found her, we think of what would have surely been her fate if Beth had not seen the flash of white in the tall grass and was able to catch her.  

     We found her about to walk out onto the interstate.  Beth saw her and hollered "PULL OVER!"  She jumped out and began running back to where the kitten was.  The kitten had retreated back down the hill so Beth threw cat food near her until she cautiously came out to eat.  Finally she came close enough to stick her head right in the bag of food next to Beth and she was able to catch her. 

     She was dirty and starving.  I could touch the left and right sides of her together from the top of her backbone.  She ate all the way home.  We were surprised that she did not have any fleas or ear mites but she did have lots of ticks.  We bathed her and kept her isolated until we were able to get her to the vet.  The vet checked her out and she was negative for everything.  The vet said that she was about 9 weeks old at that time.  She had her shots and was wormed and started to gain weight and fill out.  She is about 4 months old in the pictures and was shown as a HHP Kitten and received a regional award in the HHP kitten class.  She is really easy to groom too in comparison to Maine Coons!

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